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Printcart Dashboard

Using the Printcart dashboard lets you quickly and efficiently manage products, orders, and designs.


Ecommerce includes two sections of your dashboard: Projects and Products. It appears as soon as when you log in to the system. Besides, Ecommerce gives you a quick overview of some recent activities in your store: customers' design requests and basic information about products. Regularly refresh your browser to update the information.

Project section

Intro Project

  • Project is a design management feature for the printing requirements of customers. This section helps shop owners manage images that need to print on products for their customers.
  • Project code is the order code or request code on the store owner's eCommerce admin page.

One project can have three statuses: Accepted, Process, and Reviewing.

  • Process: This is the state immediately after the customer creates order or requires a design. The customer's printing project will automatically be created and have this state.
  • Reviewing: With this status, the store owner or printers monitor, review and evaluate the customer requests before implementing print.
  • Accepted: After Reviewing, The store owner and printers will accept orders and begin printing products.

With the Project section, shop owners can get a list and the total number of projects (design and print requests). Besides, they can follow the orders on the store and the status of projects. Overmore, customers in the process of ordering can change design requirements.

Administrators can also update and edit the designs according to each customer's changes until the design is chosen. Click Edit design Button to change the design in this project.

Edit Design

With each design, there are two ids:

  1. Design ID
  2. Project ID Besides, you will have some basic information on this Project:
  • Product name and product info: product name on your print shop.
  • Design size: The design size needs to be printed according to customer requirements.
  • Resolution: refers to the sharpness and detail of images.

In addition, print shop owners can download designs in different file formats: JPG, PNG, SVG, PDF.

Product section

This page contains a sorted list of all your products with a picture for each (if set), the product name and type, information on its visibility on your site (if it is published or not), and the product's price. Product information is created in 2 ways:

  1. Import from your Online Store connecting with Printcart.
  2. Manually add new: Click Add New menu and follow the steps below.
  • Step 1: Write Product Title.
  • Step 2: Set Product Image.
  • Step 3: Setting upload Design file: Allow files types, Maximum number of uploads size, Mini resolution DPI (JPG).
  • Step 4: Add conditions to the designs: DPI (Dot per Inch), Dimension Unit and Dynamic Side.


Introduce template

This page gives you an overview of how to create and manage design templates in the dashboard.

You can find the "Templates" section on the main page of the dashboard. The main page of Apps contains the following sections:

  • All Templates: The list of Design templates in your Printcart dashboard for products in the print shop.
  • Add new: with options to create a new template.

The process of creating new templates

Click Add New menu and follow the steps below

Step 1: Choose Product

Step 2: Choose sides/pages for edit or created more sides/pages

Step 3: Write template title and config template

  • Set image: you can upload files or choose the image on Media Library. Set size in cm.
  • Choose Design Area size, config show cut line, and config safe zone

Step 4: Click Update. You will have new sides/pages templates on Product.

Final: You can check new template on Products section